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In Table 6, which shows the total area that has received each score, we can see how difficult it ARN2966 is to find an ideal area for a PSHS. In fact, no area has received a score of 10, i.e. no location has over 90% of favourable scores. If we consider those places with scores over 8 to be ideal, we can find around 470 ha of ideal land within the area studied. On the other hand, among the restricted areas we find the location of the neighbouring Béznar reservoir, which could be considered the best option since the infrastructure has already been constructed, but due to the distance and, particularly, the small difference in elevation between this reservoir and the Rules Dam, the L/H factor is excessive, making the use of a PSHS unfeasible.
Table 6.
Results by score.ScorePixelArea (hectares)0182358118235,811002003100,1442882428,8253568253568,2568034908034,974513264513,26846593465,9393413,41Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV
In Fig. 9 we can clearly see the results of the areas with the best scores (in yellow) for sitting a reservoir for the PSHS, so the optimal location will be within these areas. In order to choose the definitive location, a specific technical-economic feasibility study must be carried out to find the most favourable location from pharynx point of view [37].