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These changes in the PVSF sector arouse our interests to explore how the major country markets of the USA, DEU, JPN and SK have been related in trade competitions and how prices have been adjusted across borders and under different contractual commitments. The exploration of these SGX-523 issues can provide a reasonable explanation on the reshuffled country sources of PVSF supplies [1]. It can help to clarify the allegations of interested parties on the defense against PVSF price manipulations investigated by the CN Ministry of Commerce in the anti-dumping ruling against SGS imports from the European Union (EU), USA and SK [2] and [3]. It is also constructive for the guidance of micro-level market behavior and administration of industrial policies.
The complication of this study is the construction of measures and tests of PVSF price adjustments across a border and by contract. Many efforts are paid on the collection and reproduction of typical long-term contracts from interested parties and trade data from the import database of CN Customs. An empirical analysis is carried out on the carefully constructed tests of causal and cointegrating relations between price series and the efficiency of dynamic price adjustments on long-run market equilibria. And the causal and integration relations between PVSF markets by country and contract are revealed through the comparative analysis of price dynamics.