Features of hard and soft facial mask

There are various categories for facial mask nowadays. Do you know which kind of facial mask you buy from skincare products supplier in China often? I believe most of us wouldn’t know the clear categories about it. Today we can learn the features of hard and soft facial mask together.


The main component of the hard facial mask is medical gypsum powder. This mask reconcile after rapid solidification. There are two types of cold film and thermal film. Cold film is on the skin penetration; with convergence. Of the pores of the skin has a good convergence effect. And improve oily skin secretion of excess state for acne, oily and sensitive skin. Hot film facial mask from facial masks wholesale manufacturer on the skin heat penetration; accelerate local blood circulation, sebaceous glands, sweat glands secrete increased, promote skin absorption of nutrients and drugs, having the effect of whitening and reduce pigmentation. For dry, neutral, aging, skin pigmentation. The main ingredients are powdered soft membrane mask. It is commonly used vitamin E, chlorophyll, angelica, pearl, cinnamon, ginseng soft film. This mask mild, can add moisture to the skin, the skin stretches, wrinkles disappear.


Knowing the categories of facial mask is like knowing the health tea from China health protection tea supplier. We should pay attention to the basic things for the daily use products.