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Turkey Best tourist destination

1) Hagia Sophia Museum

2) Blue Mosque

3) Pamukkale

1) Hagia Sophia Museum :- Hagia Sophia Museum is located in Istanbul Turkey. Hagia Sophia can be reached using metro and tram lines and closest station is “Sultanahmet station”. Sultanahmet station is at walking distance from the museum. This is one of the finest architectural works in the world,it was built as a church and the church was dedicated to the Wisdom of God. Meaning of Hagia Sophia is Shrine of The Holy of God. It has been constructed three times in the same location. All the walls of Hagia Sophia is covered by marbels and decorated with beutiful mosaics. Glass, silver colourful stones used to make mosaics.

2) Blue Mosque :- The blue mosque was the beutiful ambitious creation of a young sultan. the Blue Mosque is actually called the Sultan Ahmed Mosque. Blue Mosque is one of the most famous monuments of Turkish and Islamic art is located in Istanbul Turkey. The blue mosque interior is just as grand, its desined beutifully with hand painted ceramic blue tiles. The most stunning are the colour glass windows which is make this more colourful. Exterior is not blue but inside, the high ceiling is lined with the blue tiles.The floor is covered by beautiful carpets.

3) Pamukkale :- Pamukkale is the most beutiful wonder of nature. Pamukkale, also called ‘cotton castle’, is located at the southern banks of the Hierapolis Ancient City in Turkey. For thousands of years, the pools – and the water within them – have been considered to have health benefits. The ruins of the baths, temples and other Greek monuments can be seen at the site. And pamukkale become one of the top tourist attractions in Turkey.