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Carmelo Anthony to force his way out of Denver

It been a busy offseason in the NBA. From the super trio forming in Miami, to trade speculation surrounding cheap nike free run for sale star players (Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony), to four team trades, the NBA has had one of its busiest, most noteworthy seasons in a long time. Since the trio formed in Miami, rumblings have come from the inner circles of both Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul, that they might want to force their ways into a better situation to form an exquisite trio of their own (namely New York with Amar Stoudemire).

Anthony has had a cheap nike free run 3 year, $65 million extension on the table for awhile and has been weighing whether or not to sign it. With the uncertainty of the current and future CBA situations, that is a lot of money to turn down if he was to go that route. The fact that he hasn signed it yet, is actually very telling of his thoughts at the current juncture. With the potential that a max contract might decrease in value, the fact that he is stalling on taking the extension quite possibly means that he is trying to plot an exit strategy from Denver.

Apparently Anthony and the Denver Nuggets owner have come to grips with the fact that their marriage will not be long lived. Speculation has been going on for awhile that he wants to be in New York, but that isn unusual. Recently New York seems to be everyone stepping mat.

Now, Anthony supposedly wants to be in New York but the other teams he would be willing to go to are unknown at the moment. Anthony wants out, but is it worth it for a team to trade for him potentially not knowing if they can resign him long term? nike free run for sale Is it worth it for the Knicks, in particular, to mortgage young, cheap talent for him now when they can potentially get him in the offseason and keep the talent they have now?