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Turkey Best food

1) Corba

2) Pide

3) Menemen

4) Kofte

5) Mezes

1) Corba :- It is a very simple dish but very popural in turkey. mostly eating it for breakfast.

2) Pide :- Pide is serving in restaurants as traditional Turkish food. which is toppings with cheese, egg, meat or chiken.

3) Menemen :-   menemen is very delicious food. This is made by onions, tomatoes, pappers and eggs mixture. which is fried in pen and then it is served with bread.

4) Kofte :- Kofte served with rice and salad. kofte is a turkish test of meatballs.There are many different types of kofte.

5) Mezes :- Mezes are appetizers, traditionally eaten before a meal. Popular mezes include hot paste made from peppers, cold aubergine salad and yogurt, cucumber and garlic.