The process

Step 1 understand the phases, for example, Phase 1 for composition (Mercury) Phase 2 for balance (Venus) etc

Step 2 The Ranges play an important part to your programme and allow individual muscles to be split in to three areas, for example   the bicep can be worked from the bottom, middle or top of the muscle and deserves its own development. The middle range is for a slightly heavier weight whilst the top range is for max reps (up to 25). You may therefore need to increase and decrease your weight during a set.

Step 3 View the Video Library and understand the range of alternative exercises that are available to you and these can be used instead of the ones suggested in your training plan. We recognise that every gym is different and the training secret allows you to change the suggested exercise as long as they work the same muscle area. Your training plans can be split in to am or pm or over a two day period however do not amend the ranges without an agreement from your tutor.

Step 4 Select your Training Secret Phase e.g. Phase 2 Venus and insert the username and password provided by your tutor, select week one and we suggest you read and understand the purpose of the session as this allows you to give feedback to your tutor especially at the beginning of the programme. We recommend the training plans are printed or transferred to your mobile phone for use in the gym.

Step 5 Select the Blog Area and insert your username and password and you can now create (which is just  below your profile photo if you have provided one) insert your subject e.g. Photos, feedback etc and from the category to the right of the subject  select the category that relates to your post.   If you are uploading photos the icon is next to the paperclip on the top right hand side, simply follow the instructions and once you are ready select the submit button which can be found at the end of the post.  Remember your tutor will need the three photographs front, back and side along with your measurements as quickly as possible (these can be uploaded in one post) and the system will advise your tutor that you have posted a message.

Step 6 From the Home Page select nutrition for information and example meal plans, we suggest you post a diary of your food for at least 5 days which can be uploaded in the ‘diet’ section of your blog. The nutrition section has a link an on-line lecture explaining how nutrition relates to you as an individual.

Step 7 On-line guide, if you are finding the  above process difficult to understand contact us and will arrange an on line guide. Please note you will need access to the internet and if possible a headset.

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