Meristem tip culture of bulblets subjected to thermotherapy during ex

Bulb scales of LO hybrid ‘Triumphator’ infected simultaneously with LSV and LMoV were sterilized and cultured in vitro. After two multiplication cycles, two microscales were taken from each microbulb and were divided longitudinally. Each half of the scale was cultured at 25 or 35 °C for 4 weeks on microbulb induction medium, with or without 20 μM ribavirin which was sterilized by bibr 1532 and was added to the culture medium dispensed in petri dishes with 25 ml each. Fifty scales were used per treatment. Half of the pseudopodia microbulbs regenerated in each treatment were chosen at random and planted ex vitro in order to test the effects of chemo- and thermotherapy treatments without meristem tip culture. The remaining microbulbs were used for meristem tip culture. After six months of in vitro culture, the microbulbs obtained by meristem tip culture were also cultured ex vitro. In both cases, plants were evaluated by DAS-ELISA after six months in greenhouse culture.