What is yak wool?

Yak wool is a special natural animal fiber and mostly unknown to many people. Yak fiber can be made into yak yarn for garment production. Yaks live in Himalayas highland of altitude exceeding 5000 meters. To survive in such harsh environment they have developed soft wool fiber over centuries.

Yaks yield three kind of wool fibers. The first fiber exceeds 50 microns and traditional used to make ropes and tents. This fiber can be made into strong but extremely uncomfortably fabrics. This fiber is visible and is the guard hair on yak.

The middle layer yak fiber is that between 25microns to 50 microns. This layer fiber can be spun into yarn but it is still rough and uncomfortable. In spite of its roughness, they has other application for their strength and warmth.

The yak fiber we use is the down hair with diameter finer than 25 microns. High quality yarn usually use yak fiber fine between 17.5 to 19 microns to make sure the yarn and garment is soft and warm. And yak fiber in this range can also gives garment softness and durability.

In Consinee 15/16 FALL/WINTER series, we introduce yak yarn APOLLO series. Its composition is 65%baby wool 25%yak 10% cashmere. There are 20 colors in stock with minimum order quantity 1kg/color. This series is soft, comfortable, and luxurious with the characteristic of cashmere fiber and wool. and suitable for sweater, scarf or other garment in fall winter season. So this yak yarn is very popular in market.