While the idea of a programmable elevator

While the idea of a programmable elevator Passenger Elevator system certainly has appeal from a security standpoint, the complexity it presents to hotel guests doesn't seem worth the payoff. Sometimes it really is better to keep things simple, so long as you don't make simple mistakes like this one sent in by Kevin Cropper, showing a panel with the same open-door icon used next to the door open and door close buttons.

In this article, we'll explore situations where these are useful, and we'll look at how to craft an effective pitch.

Elevators also raised new questions of etiquette. According to Gray, the author of a 2002 book on the early history of elevators, one big issue was whether a man in an elevator ought to remove his hat in the presence of a woman, as he would in someone’s home or a restaurant, or keep it on, as he would on a train or a streetcar. The question, says Gray, reflected a basic uncertainty about what this space really was—a mode of transportation, or some kind of tiny moving room.

For most city-dwellers, the FUJI Elevator is an unremarkable machine that inspires none of the passion or interest that Americans afford trains, jets, and even bicycles. Wilk is a member of a small group of elevator experts who consider this a travesty. Without the elevator, they point out, there could be no downtown skyscrapers or residential high-rises, and city life as we know it wouldbe impossible. In that sense, they argue, the elevator’s role in American history has been no less profound or transformative than that of the automobile. In fact, according to Wilk, the automobile and the elevator have been locked in a “secret war” for over a century, with cars making it possible for people to spread horizontally, encouraging sprawl and suburbia, and elevators pushing them toward life in dense clusters of towering vertical columns.