Mortgages for Health Care Professionals


American Hero Mortgage offers home buyer programs for nurses. Whatever your situation is, whether you are a first time home buyer, or are currently in a home and looking for something new to purchase, we are here to help. We have tailored home buying mortgage programs specifically for nurses, which we are confident you will find to be your best option when comparing us to other mortgage lenders. These include special low fee, low interest rate, and top priority underwriting on home purchases.


The very first step in the home buying process is the see how much loan amount you can qualify for which is largely based on your income and current financial liabilities (debt-to-income ratios). We would be glad to assist you in the pre-qualification process. To pre-qualify for a home loan contact us today. Once you know what you qualify for, you can then decide how much you want to spend within that limit.


If you have questions or would like to get more information about specialty mortgages for nurses, please call us Toll Free: (754) 202-4376 or go to


Jason Thomas - Registered Nurse


I have been a Registered Nurse for 15 years. During my professional career, I have had to deal with many situations where people have had to depend upon me for advice and counsel regarding their healthcare. Now, I was in a position where I needed counsel and advice regarding refinancing my house and not understanding the process, I was blessed with meeting Morris "Morry" J Newman of American Hero Mortgage.


Mr. Newman sat down with me and explained the entire process, gave me a plan of action, and helped me follow through with my plan. During that complete process he was able to guide me through the fog of mortgages making the process very transparent and would take the time to make sure I was completely satisfied with the process. I am very happy to say that Morry not only helped me secure a low interest mortgage but he went beyond and helped me increase my FICO score by 100 points which is huge! He did this process within a week of finding out my outstanding debts, created a process in which those debts would be addressed and paid. If you are even thinking about refinancing or finding a mortgage, I would highly suggest that you speak with Mr. Newman at American Hero Mortgage.


Jason Thomas, RN
Executive Healthcare Staffing
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 305-942-1527