Agario – Some Secret Tips to Be at the Top and Grow Bigger

Agario is a very fun and enjoyable browser game but it needs a certain level of skill sets if you want to be on top of the rankings. Though it mostly depends upon your luck (for example, lucky multi-split of a larger cell), knowing the timing to get it together on game can make the difference between a newbie who struggles hard over and over again and an expert who gets larger quickly. Simply put, is a simple and fun game but you shouldn’t mess around and expect to stay big. Have a look on some of the important tips to get bigger and stay at the top.

Split Wisely

Though it seems tempting to split a cell into many and get ahead with smaller prey, it really not works always. So, split your cell only when you are assured that you cannot hit your target. It is best to split only when you can eat large number of targets. This way, your splitting can work better. A lot of players split here and there to grab small gains. You will be smaller until cells get back together.

Be Carefully while Splitting to Two or More Cells

Don’t split up too much at once, unless you have to escape from larger cells or it is sure that you are going to get much bigger. Every time you split, the cell will get double in amount and half in size. This way, you will be too shorter to hunt smaller cells down and you are at risk until such cells join you back again. You may fall off if you split too many times.

Use Obstacle Cells to Your Advantages

Such spiked cells are not there just to trouble bigger cells. You can also use them as hideout if you are smaller. You can use them as weapons to hunt down larger cells. If you are bigger than such cells and you still hit them, they will split you into several smaller cells. You can shoot mass towards larger enemies with “W” key at any direction you point the mouse. This way, you have to aim the herds of larger cells approaching obstacle cell. It will produce a whole new obstacle cell if you shoot a lot of mass on one in the direction you aim. When a lot of large cells around you, you can use it as your advantage or when you want to save yourself from these cells.

After Getting Large, Obstacle Cells are Your Enemies

Once you get bigger, several smaller cells want to defend themselves and they hide behind these obstacle cells. They may also want to attack you through these obstacles. So, it is important to save yourself from these cells as they may split you into several smaller cells and you will be vulnerable again.


With all the above tips, you may have learned something to save yourself. Keep in mind that luck matters the most in your winning. Remember where you will find all the obstacles and where the largest enemies hang out.