Did you know about the difference between SEO and Reputation management?

Both search engine optimization and reputation management is important techniques of digital marketing. Almost all the businesses, be it a small-scale business or a large-scale business, uses these techniques to gain more traffic and revenue through their websites. You can easily find different IT companies that provide both SEO and web reputation management services in Manhattan.

Many business owners consider both techniques the same. However, there are some major differences between the two. Here are some of them-

  • Effect on lead generation– The search engine optimization has some major effect on lead generation of a website as it can affect traffic through keywords, social media marketing, meta tags, content, and link building. This improves traffic to the website, which has a direct effect on lead generation.

Whereas on the other side, the online reputation management has an indirect effect on the lead generation. All the customers are likely to purchase products from a company that has good reputation in the market. A customer search on internet and chooses only those sites that have some good feedback. So, it is an indirect effect as it is only an encouragement for the visitors.

  • Content– Search engine optimization uses content optimization to get better ranking on SERP whereas the ORM deals with increasing positive information about the brand and pushing the negative information down.
  • Priorities- The search engine optimization considers SERP ranking and traffic as its priority and as a result, the professional uses a number of tools and tactics to get the best possible ranking for website. The professionals work on every aspect including websites, blog to get the best SERP ranking for the website. The different tactics used by professionals include keyword research, link building, meta tags, social media marketing and so on.

The online reputation management only focuses on maintaining the brand’s image and improving the business’s image on the internet. The reputation management professionals also work on improving the company’s image.

However, both Search engine optimization and online reputation management work for the benefit of the website so that means only one is not enough to get good SERP ranking and you require both the techniques for the success of your business’s site.