Thomas Cholmondeley, Kenyan Aristocrat, Convicted Of Manslaughter

NAIROBI, Kenya One of Kenya's most famous white aristocrats was convicted of manslaughter Thursday in the shooting of a black poacher, a case that underlined sharp divisions over land, race and privilege in the African country.

Thomas Cholmondeley (CHUM-lee), 40, was originally charged with murder over the 2006 shooting of 37-year-old Robert Njoya.

The poacher had been accompanied by two machete-wielding friends and six dogs as they checked illegal traps on Cholmondeley's 56,000-acre Rift Valley farm.

But they unexpectedly ran into Cholmondeley and his friend, rally driver Carl "Flash" Tundo. Cholmondeley says he fired at the group to frighten off the dogs.

But N