Fig xA Forest plot for

Fig. 2. Forest plot for the institutional investors variable. The left side of the figure shows computed effect sizes (Hedges’ g) for the institutional investors variable of each study, its standard error, the lower and upper limits of the 95% confidence interval, the p-value for LB Agar Miller test of the null and the relative weight (RW  ) of each study in percentage values (calculated by RW=Wi/∑i=1kWi). The last row shows the data for the summary effect size. The right side of the figure displays the computed effect sizes and their 95% confidence intervals for the individual studies and the summary effect. Squares show the position of the effect sizes of the individual studies. The square areas are sapwood proportional to the weights of the studies. The horizontal lines left and right of the squares display the 95% confidence interval of the effect sizes. The diamond in the last row illustrates the result of the summary effect size. The middle of the diamond represents the summary effect size and the width of the diamond its 95% confidence interval.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide