Dh-801 New Type Of Ink Additives: Farewell To Offset Powder Fault - Powder, Ink

Powder in printing is to prevent just printing on paper is not exposed to the dry ink and paper, sticky dirty. Paper drying systems offset the majority of high-pile delivery, the price is very expensive. Domestic printing companies printing press in order when few people will buy the system. Therefore the majority of printing companies can not play without powder to prevent sticking dirty paper and ink problems.

Growing in today's printing technology, printing, printing quality is increasingly becoming the basis for enterprise survival and development. Dusting has become a modern printing to improve the quality of an obstacle. Shouxian spray will destroy the print environment in which long-term operator in the work environment of a large number of fly ash, most print operators are inevitable such as the lung airway disease. With the rapid development of printing technology, many companies have adopted high-speed printing equipment imports, the value of these devices is very high. Many printing companies have dubbed the printing business is to printing equipment manufacturers to work in a certain sense is the actual situation. So how to protect their own printing equipment, to function effectively the efficiency of these printing devices is an important modern printing enterprise management content. Fly ash in the long term is hard to imagine an environment of great printing equipment can continue to run well. At this point the number of regular cleaning printing equipment will greatly increase, printing equipment maintenance time and maintenance costs will also be greatly increased.

Now sheet-fed commercial printing in color web offset press machine and small businesses. Most companies are still four plus four secondary printing problems, dusting, the paper sticky dust particles, in the second printing, not only affects the printing quality, silt also went to the ink roller from the paper system, affect the ink The transmission is also greatly reduced the life of the ink roller, blanket and also severely reduce the service life. Increased production costs.

In packaging printing and post processing is becoming increasingly important, but due to the Cleaning Equipment  printing areas are powder, powder stick on paper, so that the rubber, and plastic film significantly higher rejection rate. At the same time heavier paper packaging industry, printing ink in large quantities of equipment in such an environment often appear on paper and transfer printing received some mechanical failure, the maintenance costs and downtime headache for the operators is the issue. Thus, the modern printing industry, printing processes that need out of powder, to prevent sticking dirty look forward to a new generation of printing materials to arrive.

Dongguan Tianyu Trading Co., Ltd. a new generation of ink additive agent?? DH-801 new ink additives can solve the problems caused by the powder. After a lot of printing companies actually use, the product can replace the powder, to achieve to prevent printing sticky dirty, so that the printing industry really took to clean operation. The product polymer, mixed in proportion and ink, the ink in the printing paper surface after the layer of polymer film to prevent dry ink and paper that were not direct contact, so to prevent sticking dirty purposes.

The product appears to have a commercial printing business printing environment clean and efficient printing quality. Greatly improved working environment, so that the printing out of College Students Donate Sperm staff. In reducing the number of cleaning equipment, printing equipment and supplies to improve the service life while reducing maintenance times, reducing production costs.

The development of the modern printing industry is the printing process and printing technology. Printing business from the competition coming out of printing technology will inevitably become a crucial weapon in market competition. Who is the technology leader in the means of who should occupy the market. DH-801 new type of printing ink additives can improve the quality and efficiency of the printing business, reduce production costs, added to help the development of the printing business.