Gold plated vacuum cleaner is world's most expensive sucker at $999,999

So expensive is the sucker that it blows.

World's most expensive vacuum is gold plated

The gold plated Go Vacuum is perfect for your yacht, your Hawaiian Island private retreet, or the chateau in the south of France.

The GoVacuum GV62711 24k Gold Plated Vacuum Cleaner is an all metal gold-plated vacuum cleaner and is the most expensive and best vacuum money can buy.

Each vacuum is fully customizable. They currently sit, waiting for engraving and gold plating which starts after the purchase in an effort to be fully custom. Options include a hand sewn outer bag(from most any material you choose) that's lined by an all metal zipper-encasing the disposable HEPA bag. Plus, we offer free engraving. The customization is seemingly limitless for this, one of a kind, luxury vacuum.

As with everything that's truly exclusive- this is a very special limited GoVacuum offering. Only 100 of these exclusive editions will be produced and offered on a global level ever. Period. The GV62711 will never be reproduced or made again, each machine will be engraved with the serial number and will come with a certificate of authenticity.

So, why $999,999 and not $1,000,000? The makers thought they were being clever.

Is it worth it's weight in gold?

No, but even the status and exclusivity of owning a vacuum like this can't be measured in dollar and cent's... right?