Lichen Sclerosis

What is lichen sclerosis and what does it appear like?

Lichen sclerosis (LS) is a skin condition that tends to make the vulva appear

white, slightly shiny, and smooth. The skin's surface becomes thin

and delicate so that it tears very easily. This can lead to bleeding under

the skin. In extreme instances of lichen sclerosis of the genital region,

scarring can take place. This causes the inner lips of the vulva to get

smaller sized. The clitoris can become covered in scar tissue.

What causes lichen sclerosis?

We do not know the exact result in of lichen sclerosis. If you think any thing, you will possibly want to discover about partner sites. Scientists

have different theories to attempt to explain the trigger. Some scientists

believe that an overactive immune program might play a role in causing

the illness. Identify new information on physical therapy for multiple sclerosis by going to our rousing web page. Some men and women may also develop lichen sclerosis due to

their genes or to alterations in hormones. If you know any thing, you will certainly fancy to read about ms symptoms in women. Given that lichen sclerosis is

not brought on by an infection, it can't be spread and is not


What are the symptoms of lichen sclerosis?

Symptoms of lichen sclerosis may be distinct from one particular person to

yet another and can be mild to severe. Girls and young women who

have this disease may possibly encounter some or all of the following

symptoms in the vulva area:

Mild to serious itching in the vulva area

Skin that seems fragile, pale, and/or white

Bruised skin with broken blood vessels or \blood blisters\

Tiny tears or fissures in the skin

Scar tissue covering the labia or clitoris

Bleeding or tearing of skin when having bowel movements

How is lichen sclerosis diagnosed?

Lichen sclerosis can be a tough diagnosis to make. It is not

uncommon for a person to see much more than one medical professional ahead of the

disease is lastly diagnosed. Most of the time, physicians who see

many patients with lichen sclerosis can frequently make the diagnosis

just by hunting at the skin. Nevertheless in most instances if you are in the

early stages of lichen sclerosis, the physician may have to do a biopsy

(removal and examination of a little sample of affected skin) to

determine the cause of your symptoms..MS Fitness Challenge
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