Apple iPhone 6S - 64GB review

Apple iPhone 6S - 64GB review

Apple iPhone 6S very well

Apple iPhone 6S (the most hoped-for smartphone from Apple stable this year) carries an equivalentstyle as its forerunner (iPhone 6) however is formed of 7000 series Al metal and is additional power packed once it involves hardware front. These hardware upgrades on iPhone 6S lets iOS nine unleash it true potential. And, Apple, once a protracted time has actually re-imagined the smartphone bytransferral killer options like live photos & picture force bit technology to iPhones 6S series (alsoreferred to as 3D Touch).
Note: Apple 1st introduced the favored force bit technology with new twelve in. Macbook models.

iPhone 6S - quickest Among All the iPhones

The iPhone half-dozenS model is steam-powered by third generation A9 sixty four bit chip with M9 motion coprocessor - that is seventieth quicker than the A8 chip that steam-powered the iPhone 6. This (A9) chip features a new semiconductor device design that's not solely optimized for the important world use however conjointly produces ninetieth quicker graphics (GPU). Gamers & designers square measure about to welcome this hardware upgrade.

Ultimate Screen, excellent show

iPhone 6S (just like its predecessor) comes with a screen size of four.7 inches - an ideal size for singletwo-handed operation. The front glass of iPhone 6S is formed of Ion-X that is presently the strongestinclose the business. The superior membrane show with IPS technology and five hundredthadditional pixels on iPhone 6S is absolute to offer a visible treat for the love of your eyes.

3D bit - A Killer Feature and a Deal Breaker

3D bit feature on the iPhone 6S can modification the means you employ your iPhone. This dynamic system (which is deeply integrated into iOS 9) permits you to perform various things supported the pressure applied on the screen. With 3D bit, you'll be able to currently peek into your app -modification your facebook standing, or browse AN email while not even gap the app. The taptic engine uses electrical phenomenon sensors (integrated into the backlight of the membrane display) to really live the gap between the glass and therefore the backlight to perform the dynamic action. Itpermits you to jump directly into AN app feature.