Publishing Options for the Business Logo

Lanyards are popular promotional items for businesses to give away at trade shows, expositions, events, and as part of wholesale tyre suppliers orders. They have so many uses, and people tend to use them over and over. That translates into free advertising for a business as exposure increases with every use of the lanyard. Choosing the right lanyard and id supplier for your next event can make a big difference in positive publicity and business branding. The material and printing options for the business logo or brand on a lanyard is crucial. The Right Product can help make or break a new product launch, an extension into a new clothing line, or a start-up company.

The lanyard is manufactured from the chosen material, printed with the business logo, and is sewn or crimped with the chosen attachment. Printing before adding the final attachment provides a higher quality final print. A more cost-effective method is to place material on a large roll and repeat the print over and over. The major disadvantage of that method is the logo will get distorted or cut off short if it falls on a cut point. The actual printing can be completed in four different ways. Screen printing is the most durable method, and the most affordable. Heat transfer is another option, although it is not as durable as screen printing. Dye sublimation is used for full color graphics. The logo or brand appears in vibrant colors that are fade resistant. Jacquard weaving is the most high-end option. The completed look is professional, impressive, and well with the investment.

The material chosen for lanyards, as well as the thickness, also makes a difference in the appearance of the business logo. Cotton and polyester are the most common materials for promotional lanyards because they are soft, durable, and inexpensive. Recycled lanyards are perfect for environmentally conscious businesses because they are made from recycled plastic. Nylon is a rugged and thick material that can be washed and disinfected without fading.

It is a wonderful choice for detailed images. Duoflex is a wide material that includes a molded PVC section in the middle. This choice will make any logo stand out. It is used a lot for promotion of comics, children’s movies, and video games. Thicknesses range from one half inch to a full inch thick. An experienced Wholesale Supplier will have most options in stock, so lanyards can be customized and sent out quickly for bulk orders.