Lady Gaga Twitter fights with rap group over their video spoofing her

Lady Gaga is embroiled in a Twitter war with South African rap group Die Antwoord, E! News reports today. It started with Lady Gaga asking the band to open for her on her tour, which they declined. The group then released a music video last Tuesday in which they mock Mother Monster. Lady Gaga responded by lashing out at them via Twitter, which has now blossomed into a full on feud between them.

Lady Gaga defends herself from ridicule by rap group 'Die Antwoord' by starting war of words on Twitter.


Die Antwoord released the video for their song Fatty Boom Boom last Tuesday and in it they lampoon the Grammy winning Gaga mercilessly. The video depicts a Lady Gaga impersonator dressed in her infamous meat dress, sightseeing in South Africa on a tour bus which is later attacked by rebels.

The Gaga character escapes and for some reason ends up at a gynecologists office where she has a prawn pulled out of her private area. The character then heads back outside where she is brutally mauled by a lion.

When Lady Gaga had had enough, she took to her Twitter account writing, i fink u freaky but you dont have a hit. hundred thousand tickets sold in SA, which is a reference to the Die Antwoord song I Fink U Freaky, as well as Gagas upcoming concerts in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Lady Gaga added later, i guess its not a good idea to tell someone you're a fan. never mind! we get it, you're not a little monster. WE GOT IT.

Die Antwoord responded in kind, lady.. even thou u r 'larger' than us... we still cooler than u. plus we don't have prawns in our private parts... Haha, they wrote on their Facebook page, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Well insulting someone who's star shines as brightly as Lady Gaga's is one way to raise your visibility quotient quickly, but beware, Mother Monster bites.