6 Reasons For Choosing Serviced Apartments

When it comes to accommodation, there are a number of buzz words in the global places to stay industry. The most popular one getting serviced apartments. Over the last two decades, serviced apartments have obtained enormous reputation. They are the greatest in convenience and present more room and freedom when touring for a more time period.

There are numerous reasons why you should choose serviced apartments over a hotel. Given are some of the major reasons below.

1. More Space

On average, they offer at least 30% more space than a standard hotel area. They come with an independent kitchen area and a well-equipped living space. This means that there is enough room for you to work the way you need to.

2. Cost-effective accommodation

Serviced apartments present excellent price for money. Wireless internet fees are usually integrated in the price and there are no hidden extras such as area service fees, drinks from the mini-bar, etc. This makes it quite easy for a traveller to keep within budget. In add-on, if you are planning to stay for more than seven nights, you may be able to benefit from a reduced price per night also. As a business traveller, you can save money by hosting meetings and conventions within your house instead of making preparations to hire an independent meeting area. Check more about Mumbai Serviced Apartments , Service Apartment Andheri and Andheri Hotel .

If you are on a vacation with your household and kids, you can avoid expensive lunchtime and dinner bills by food preparation your own meals using the cooking area and facilities provided within your apartment.

3. Life-style Advantages

A hotel room can cramp your lifestyle, but an apartment allows you to have your space. Whether you have guests coming over or have activities or meetings, it provides separate spaces for sleeping, living, functioning, cooking and eating.

4. Enjoyment

When residing apart from home, most people look for the facilities that can keep them engaged. Suitable means of communication is usually another factor that they need to keep in touch with household members, friends and colleagues. Most serviced apartments present excellent communication and enjoyment facilities such as huge screen TV, cable TV, home theatre system, broadband internet connection and direct dial telephones. This gives the traveller the freedom to full his tasks, check his mails and relax in a home apart from home.

5. Quality

Another top benefit of choosing a serviced apartment is definitely the presence of entertainment and modern comforts that travelers enjoy in hotels. Several of these apartments are properly equipped with state-of-the-art bathing rooms, kitchens and amenities to make sure a high-class and comfy stay. Whether you are a leisure traveller or a commercial traveller, you are sure to appreciate the convenience offered by these apartments. They also offer high standard of modern furnishing, spacious living room with sofa, high quality bed linen, toiletries and towels.

6. Privacy

Serviced apartments present an elevated level of privacy. An house block out on average provides 30-50 apartments and this means it accommodates around 100-150 people at a time. In a regular hotel, there are 100-200 bedrooms which accommodate 300-400 people at a right time. Moreover, with the hotel waiters, rooming washing service, hotel employees and laundry men continuously disturbing you, you wouldn't find the diploma of privacy in a hotel area that you would find in serviced apartments.