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Tips for Wearing Big and Tall Men’s T-shirt
Once upon a time “big and tall” men’s T-shirt was a label given only to T-shirt of sizes XXXXL or larger. But now it's a little different because even an extra large size is considered big and tall. This is because T-shirt designers have started designing clothes for smaller people and using smaller size labels on clothes that are bigger than they were used on years ago. This runs rampant in women’s T-shirt but has affected the men’s T-shirt industry as well. What this means, though, is that there are tons of T-shirt stores now with big and tall men’s clothes. Here is how to shop for the T-shirt you need and get the best deals possible.
The main thing to keep in mind when choosing big and tall T-shirt is to avoid horizontal stripes. Horizontal stripes can often look great on tall, skinny men, but for a larger frame perhaps vertical stripes, or even no stripes at all are more suitable. Horizontal stripes can make you look bigger around than you really are. Vertical stripes can lengthen your torso but if you have a bigger belly, they can curve around the sides and give you a look not unlike that of a pregnant woman. Try to find clothes in solid colors or with other types of patterns as an alternative. But you may end-up having to bite the bullet and go to a mall, or similar shopping center, and particularly if you need something formal. This could be attractive because you'll find a good selection of stores to check-out - but, as you already know, you can call ahead and check with them, first. This is nice because you'll have more options than you'll get with a single store somewhere else.
For jackets, keep an eye out for those with single breasted lapels. You'll look like you're slimmer in a single breasted lapel jacket.
Formal wear is something that should be shopped for carefully, and, if you can afford it, have it tailored or even custom made. If properly approached, you really can look fantastic if you shop and choose carefully.
There are lots of ways to find the clothes you want in Ark.sg Silkscreen Printing need. Don’t let the “big and tall” distinction stop you from wearing what you want. Designers are beginning to understand the importance of creating T-shirt that is practical in the size variations as well as the style choices. The fashion industry stigma of a decade ago has changed, so that what used to be 'big and tall' is now a part of the accepted sizing range. Fashion changes all the time. You might find that as more people learn to love their own bodies and ignore the unrealistic fashion magazines, the 'big and tall' distinction could disappear completely.
Embroidery Services Singapore
Our highly specialised embroidery machines at Ark Industries are able to produce felt sequin, appliqué and chenille embroidery. Perfect focus on detail is vital throughout the fragile embroidery procedure and we pride ourselves on delivering among the finest embroidery services in Singapore. Our embroidery services include badge embroidery, 3D embroidery on caps, embroidery on golf bags and golf shirt.
Ark Industries: Your Custom Embroidery Specialist
Our knowledgeable staff makes sure that the embroidery of your logos and artwork looks excellent on your choice of garments. Merely send us your logo design or art work as high resolution images and we will digitise them to be prepared for embroidery. We make use of high quality thread from the international supplier, Madeira, hence the colours of the embroidery will remain vibrant even after a number of washes.
Ark Industries' Range of Products
Embroider your logos or artwork on our large range of items! We are brand partners with adidas, Taylormade, Flexfit, Under Armour and Puma. Select items from these brands such as polo t-shirts, teamwear jerseys or caps!
Choose from a large range of products
• Basic round neck or v-neck tees
• Cotton or polyester golf shirt
• Teamwear jerseys and shorts
• Custom gowns or button shirts
Here at Ark Industries, we supply custom printing, embroidery and personalized design development services for brands and companies alike.
We are likewise the Asia Pacific distributor for Yupoong Flexfit headwear.
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Our extremely specialised embroidery devices at Ark Industries are able to produce felt appliqué, sequin and chenille embroidery. Flawless attention to detail is crucial throughout the fragile embroidery procedure and we pride ourselves on providing one of the finest embroidery services in Singapore. Our embroidery services consist of badge embroidery, 3D embroidery on caps, embroidery on golf bags and polo t-shirts.