What Is a Utility Knife?

A utility knife -- also known as a box cutter knife -- is a typical tool used in numerous trades and crafts for a selection of purposes. In case you are wondering how to very best deal with utility knives, right here is a short guide their use.

A utility knife is usually has a simple and affordable holder, typically flat, approximately 1 inch (25 mm) wide and three to 4 inches (75 to 100 mm) long, and usually produced of either metal or plastic. Some knives use regular razor blades while other people have specialized double-ended blade.

The user can manually adjust how far the blade extends from the deal with, so that the knife can be used to reduce the tape sealing a box or package without damaging the contents of the box or package. When the blade becomes dull, it can be quickly reversed or switched for a new one.

Spare blades are often stored in the hollow knife handle, and can be accessed by removing a screw and opening the deal with.

The Stanley Knife

This type of tool is known in British English, Australian English, New Zealand English and Dutch as a Stanley knife. Named after 1 of the first producers of the utility knife, the genuine Stanley knife has a cast-metal body. It comes each in retractable versions and in fixed blade versions which allow no depth adjustment. There have been a number of versions of the classic retractable Stanley No. 99. The current model is the 99E.

Fixed blade versions of the Stanley knife are widely utilized for handcrafts.

The blades for utility knives come in each double and single ended versions, and are interchangeable with numerous but not all of the newest knives. Specialized blades also exist for cutting string, linoleum and other purposes. Spare or utilized blades might be stored in the deal with.

An additional style of utility knife is one in which a handle, usually of plastic, consists of a lengthy, segmented blade which slides out from it. As the endmost edge becomes dull, it can be snapped off from the rest of the blade. This exposes the subsequent section which is sharp and prepared for use. When all the individual segments are utilized, it is thrown away or a replacement blade is inserted. This kind of knife often comes in vibrant colors like orange, blue and yellow and they are generally known as "wallpaper knives."

A style that is frequently utilized for the cutting of boxes consists of a simple sleeve around a rectangular deal with into which single-edge razor blades can be inserted.