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The Focal Performance P130 V15 is a high grade 2-way stereo component system developed and manufactured in France.

The Focal Performance line is innovative and dynamic and will allow you to create your own superb in-car high fidelity sound system. This advanced technology line with it’s solid design heritage was made to provide real audio thrills and adrenalin.

With powerful and true to life sound excellence the Focal Performance series can recreate live music in all of its dimensions.

  • 130mm (5.25 “) bass / midrange
  • 60W Nominal Power rating
  • 120W Max Power rating
  • Sensitivity (2.83V/m) 91dB
  • Polyglass cone (pure uncoloured sound)
  • Chassis made of aluminium (stable and non-magnetic)
  • 25mm voice coil
  • 85mm Magnet
  • Partial horn loaded inverted magnesium / aluminum tweeter (high sensitivity)
  • 2-way crossover network with compact design for easier assembly
  • 12/12dB/Octave with adjustable tweeter level in three steps
  • Grills included