Why People Counter Is Crucial To Your Business Growth

Why People Counter Is Crucial To Your Business Growth

Data obtained from POS systems can only apprise you about the sales that happened in a day in your store, but it does not convey how it happened. But if you have a fine quality people counting system mounted on your entrances, the data obtained from it can give you a clear picture about “how exactly” things fared. Procuring accurate store traffic data paves immense opportunity for the store owner to enhance his/her business.  An effective people counter helps you plan your marketing strategies and staff arrangement more efficiently in order to increase conversion rates and enhance sales.

Following are the 5 things you are able to identify when you have an efficient counting system installed in your store:

·       How many potential buyers visit your store, including separate numbers for men, women, and children?

·       Which direction the potential customers became more inclined to move to?

·       How many visitors bought from your store?

·       How many visitors did not buy from your store?

·       Calculate the rate at which potential customers convert into purchasing customers.

One is able to determine which days, times and months of the year receive most foot traffic into the store and then the plans to improve sales process can be effectively formulated.  Recognising these traffic patterns becomes essential in taking prudent business decisions about promotion, advertising, staffing practices and optimization of retail store’s layout. This creates a huge impact on your customer service, as it not only enables you to make your customers happy but also assure that your employees do not feel overburdened and confused with work.

With a precise data about foot traffic in hand, you can make comparisons between different weeks or months and draw estimates about your future sales. This way you learn to gear up with business enhancement ideas and implement them to fetch maximum profit and customer satisfaction.

Besides main process for retail analytics, a proper people counting system also includes provisions for queue management, building management and security applications. Companies offering superior quality people counting solutions analyse the footfall patterns and movements, identifying areas and spaces which can be beneficially utilized. Remember an effective and an accurate people counter at your retail store will not fail to put you ahead of the competition in your market!