Makita BFR550: Whenever You Need A Cord-Less Screwdriver

Power tools have changed over time, and one of the biggest changes occurred when they became cordless. Many power tools that you can buy run on battery. Makita has put together a very good auto feed screwdriver called the Makita BFR550. home inspector bradenton fl It will be not just easy to use but it is very portable. The screwdriver happens to be so stream-lined and lightweight, you will not even realize that you are carrying it.

The Makita BFR550 features a strong aluminum casing allowing it to be very durable. The battery for the screwdriver is a long-lasting Li-ion 3.0AH battery, which is much better than their old Ni-cd 2.0 AH battery. A MAKSTAR Charger is sold with the screwdriver, and with the technology it is outfitted with, allows it to be in charge of the current, voltage, and temperature of the battery, so it can automatically cool down the battery. The Makita BFR550 is not only portable but can be recharged anywhere.

Using the lock button, there's no need to get another set of screws. Labor can move much more quickly with its reverse switch as well. You will be able to screw with great preciseness since the Makita BFR550 has an anti-tilt feature that keeps the screws from swaying. home inspectors bradenton florida There is a stopper, containing 7 different controls for each size of screw, that comes with the anti-tilt device.

The screws will be more precise due to the feeding line that it has, and this assures that you won't have a screw out of line or out-of-place. You can easily take out screw strips by using just a push of a button. The Makita BFR550 boasts fast shooting technology which allows for very quiet operating making it do work without much noise. The easy grip control also makes this electric screwdriver safe to use.

You can get unique screwdrivers to accommodate different needs. home inspector bradenton fl There will be instances that a cordless screwdriver is needed instead of one with a cord. There are several different brands that build cordless screwdrivers, so you need to decide on which one is best for you. To find the appropriate model, the best option is to try it all out.