Why Serviced Apartments Are Better Than Hotels

A few years ago, it would've been unthinkable to rent out apartments that were fully-furnished and offered amenities similar if not better than those found at hotels. Hotels were practically the best thing that happened to travelers everywhere because quite honestly, where else could you go back then if you wanted deluxe service?

That was then this is now. The advent of serviced apartments, brought about by the boom of cheap international travel as well as the changing tastes of travelers, these short-term rentals became the next best alternative to staying at hotels. In addition, they also offered more space and more privacy that hotels couldn't. They became especially a hit with business travelers who traveled with their families and the fact that you could cook your own meals instead of ordering room service was also another draw.

Aside from the obvious advantages in living quarters and amenities, booking them online is especially easy because you can search according to the number of bedrooms you need and the suburb you want to rent in. In addition, the fully-equipped kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms all come together to make you feel you have a home away from home. Even the best five-star hotels' rooms can feel impersonal with its formal d├ęcor but serviced apartments will make you feel all the comfort and ease that you need to be able to relax especially after a long day of meetings. Also check more about Andheri Hotel , Service Apartment in Mumbai and Corporate Service Apartments Mumbai

You can also find anything suitable for overnight stays to something that can accommodate business personnel from six to nine months. They also make sense for businessmen who travel back and forth. They also save the company from having to rent a function room in hotels to hold meetings or conferences since the space is usually enough to accommodate from six to eight people at a time.

Another great thing about serviced apartments is that they come in several types that will suit your accommodation needs. While they all serve the same purpose there are several distinctions that make each one different from the rest. The first types is known as the extended stay hotel and under this are subtypes like aparthotels, condotels and flatotels and all offer 24 hour reception and are usually located in city centers. They can also range from budget to deluxe types, as well as studio-type apartments to those with two or three bedrooms with separate living and dining areas and kitchens.

Another popular type of serviced apartments is corporate housing which are actually residential properties upgraded for short-term renting. The rental fees for these types usually include cleaning services, utility charges and local taxes, as well as rentals for TV, phone and internet services for a month or more. Some of them are located within city centers but most are usually located at the outskirts of town but just a short distance from city centers.

Serviced apartments take out the hassle in organizing business trips as well as significantly lessen the huge costs usually incurred during these occasions. Take advantage of the benefits serviced apartments bring and experience what it truly feels like to have a home away from home minus the high cost.