How to Get Bigger Arms

Nothing is a greater indicator of physical fitness more than a set of large, chiseled, arms.  It’s striking to look at rippling triceps and bulgingbiceps.  It’s admired by men and women alike.  Big, shirt ripping arms are the aspiration of anyone crossing the threshold of the gym.  It’s worth the effort and is time well spent to learn how to get bigger arms.


First, in order to increase your arm muscles it takes focus and hard work.  That’s the necessary ingredients to discovering how to get bigger arms, it’s important to realize that it takes more than just squeezing a rubber ball or spring loaded hand grips.  It requires hitting the gym and pumping some serious iron.  Nothing else will give you the same results. 


To explain, your arms are divided into two muscle groups: The biceps, which are a two-part muscle on the front of your arm which contracts when your arm is tightly curled and your triceps, which are a three-part muscle on the back of your arm when your arm is fully contracted and straightened. You use your biceps for pulling things towards you, and the triceps for pushing things away.


You will work your biceps the most while curling a weight, which is considered positive exercise and resisting the return to the beginning point which is negative exercise.  When learning how to get bigger arms, a bodybuilder should carefully exert the muscle in both parts of the movement.


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Likewise, you will work your triceps the most as you press the bar away which is a positive movement and resist the return of the weight to the start position for the negative movement.  Like the biceps, or actually any other exercise, you need to exert the muscle for both sides of the movement to get maximum results.   


For the best results when considering how to get bigger arms, set aside one day, each week where the focus is primarily on your arm routine.  In doing it this way, they are likely to receive some conditioning on other days, but the key to learning how to get bigger arms is to set aside the one day where you work the muscle to complete exhaustion.


To give you the maximum results with how to get bigger arms do this winning workout:


Bicep ExercisesBarbell and Dumbbell Curls This is a great exercise to get your arms pumped up and showing definition.  You can opt to do these exercises either standing or sitting, but to make sure you do the exercise in the best way for concentrating on how to get bigger arms, make sure your movements are controlled and done slowly.  The key is to put the focus on your biceps.  Do 3 sets of 10 reps, for each of the exercises:


Seated, barbell curl, close-gripStanding, cheat curl, close-grip  Standing dumbbell curlIncline dumbbell curlReverse-grip curl with the easy-curl-barConcentration curls on Scott Bench using easy-curl-barFlat Preacher Bench close-grip curls with easy-curl-barIncline, barbell curl, forward facingBarbell curl, lying face-forward on high bench Triceps ExercisesTriceps Presses, Curls and Press-Downs

Standing, triceps curls – close-gripTriceps machine press downs.

Triceps press downs – reverse grip

Standing triceps press using wall pulley – with rope or towel

Bent over triceps extension – wall pulley

Seated triceps curls – close-grip

French Press supine on flat bench

Supine triceps curl and press


exercises for building triceps muscles