Cigar Aficionado, Brian De Palma, Harry Potter and Anna Nicole Smith

Aficionados name their favorite puff daddy, Brian De Palma comes clean about his dirty movie and Harry Potter challenges puberty all in the harsh Anna Nicole glare of The Foxlight.

With celebrities like Jack Nicholson gracing its covers over the last 10 years, who did Cigar Aficionado fans vote as number one? Demi Moore puffing? Nope. Claudia Schiffer? Sorry. How about the cast of The Sopranos? Well actually, they came in second. Number one? The guy who has a cigar named after him. Winston Churchill. Can't whack him like Ralphie, Tony, he's already gone.

Best comment from Brian De Palma about his new turkey Femme Fatale came in the green room after our interview. I pointed out that some critics liked the Rebecca Romijn-Stamos flick and others hated it. He said, "Hey, it's a Brian De Palma film. I'm used to that."

With all the praise for the new Harry Potter, has anyone noticed his voice is changing? It may be time for Hogwart's Graduate School by the time this "tyke" moves on to the next adventure. I'm not sure I'm ready for him looking lecherously at Emma Watson anytime soon.

Finally, Anna Nicole Smith thinks her show on E! could use some nudity. How about stripping the whole show off the network?