How to design from scratch a 4x6 club flyer

If you are creating a design yourself to submit to a printer, might be a local printer or online printer, you need to focuse and create a nice piece of art, but there are some base guidelines that you need to take into consideration for the creation of the same, we have added some step by step guidance to help you figure out how to get started with your club flyer project.


  1. -Open Photoshop

  2. -Hit "File" then hit "New"

  3. -On the setting box, change width and height to inches, type the value and add an additional "0.25 Inch" to each of the values for extra bleed space

  4. -Make sure Color Type is CMYK.

  5. -Resolution must be anywhere from 300 to 350 for a top quality outcome.

  6. -Hit OK to create the image.

  7. -Title (like company name) must be on 20pt more than less and regular text around 10pt.

  8. -Background colors and gradient always help, make sure you select a properbackground image/color that won't interfere with the text.

  9. -Save as PSD first so you keep the original, then save a JPEG. Make sure to select quality output 12/12 for maximum quality.

  10. -You are finished, submit the JPEG file to the printer to avoid design change mistakes.