10 Guidelines to Look really good in a Selfie

Looking great and feeling great! Selfies can be a great avenue for self-expression at any age.

Selfies are not just for teens! Selfies are for YOU - an adult! Don't feel guilty about wanting to take pictures of your outer and inner beauty.

I've learned several tips that I needed to give out. The following pointers are for both males and females over 40. Buy your best girls selfies by using these top 10 tips!

Camera Height - Higher Angle is best

1 - Camera Height - The ideal angle is certainly one that's slightly higher than your collection of vision. I favor to have a 45-degree angle! And, you'll find that a greater angle works once you take pictures of other people too!

2 - Good Lighting - Search for a window should you be taking the selfie inside. Should you be outside, face direct sunlight directly or find shade. If you take pictures over the middle of the day, the shadows are going to be too harsh! The perfect time to consider selfies outside are during sunset - but who has time for that?

3 - Face Tilt - Plenty of people don't look their finest straight on. Turn the face aside, but only slightly.

4 - Double Chin - Avoid a dual chin by pushing your chin forward slightly and tilt down. Less than extreme and tilt the head up since people can see the nose. Should you be dedicated about selfies, create a item of white paper and hold it underneath your chin. The paper bounces the lighting, illuminates the head and can assistance with the double chin.

5 - HUGE Smile - A healthy smile is advisable. A tremendous smile will make your upper lip look thin, as well as your eyes will squint and wrinkle!

Dark lipstick, HUGE smile, looking straight in the camera OR...

6- Wear brighter lipstick - Dark lipstick will lessen the impact of one's lips in a picture. Dark lipstick pushes you to look tired and old.

7- Take Multiple Pictures - Experiment with different poses up until you determine what angle is employed by you. Do not take 30, since it becomes stressful!

If taking full-length Selfies:

8 - Foot Position - Don't stand along with your feet together. Bend the leg nearest to you while using tastes unwanted weight lying on your back foot.

9 - Body Angle - Turn one's body slightly in a 45-degree angle. This can help build a nice curve in conjunction with turning your body with an angle. Notice how celebrities pose, slightly angled away from the camera. This pose creates a fantasy of your slimmer figure.

Which Looks Better? Arm Placement, Body Angle, Knee Bend

10 - Arm Placement - Don't pose such as a teenager with the hand on your own hip. But, don't squish your arms on to your side. Bend your elbow and move it slightly from your body. Experiment with this!

Don't forget to utilize right filter on your phone before publishing! Be watching for my list to find the best cute selfie filters!

Enjoy yourself - Taking selfies may be silly, nevertheless it is often fun too! It is just a great possiblity to express your inner and outer beauty!

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