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All languages have their roots, and for the French language, it was Gallic. Following arrived a flurry of other languages, all of which experienced the influence of molding the authentic Gallic tongue into its current type and usage.About four hundred BC, a host of Celtic tribes manufactured their way into Western Europe and occupied what are now France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and components of Italy, Germany and the Netherlands. These men and women spoke diverse Gallic dialects and no common language was ever designed for a standard kind of conversation between the tribes. As a result the tribes remained divided and had been not able to resist the onslaught of the Roman armies when they invaded their lands.Early influences

The Romans: The initial important alter which commenced the evolution of the French language came when the Romans invaded and conquered Gaul from about 58BCE to fifty two BCE. Their arrival induced the introduction of Latin into the Gallic language, which in foreseeable future years in fact usurped the Gallic root tongue and grew to become the dominant element.

Other races: After the Romans came the Alemanni of Germany and northeastern France with their personal language then the Burgundians from the Rhone Valley areas released further refinements the Franks of northern France further additional phrases to present kinds and finally, the Visigoths of Spain additional their own contribution to an already evolving language - the French language. Accountan t- comptableArchitect - architecteBuilder/developer - entrepreneur/promoteurCarpenter - charpentierElectrician - électricienPlumber - plombierGardener - jardinièreMortgage - emprunt immobilierMortgage broker - courtier en prêts hypothécairesProperty supervisor - estionnaire de biens immobielliersRemoval business - société de déménagementCondo - appartement en copropriétéTownhouse - maison de villeApartment - appartementApartment building - immeuble d'habitationDetached creating - maison individuelleFarm - fermeVillage - villageTown - villeCity - villeBeach - plageHill - collineValley - valléeMountain - montagneLake - lacRiver - riviéreOcean - oceanContract - contratLicense - licencePermit - permisLaw - loiLegal - legalTitle - acte de propriétéOwnership - propriétéOwner - propriétaireRental - locationRenter/tenant - locataire/amodiataire/tenante/locataire---impots, impots Montreal