Chelsea Vs Arsenal: Evaluation Of Betting Odds

Chelsea are set to host Arsenal at Stamford Bridge next Sunday afternoon, in the seventh round of matches in the Premier League.

The outcomes of final week's matches left a lot of punters dazed as there had been a couple of upsets, not least the first losses suffered by Chelsea and Arsenal.

This led me to analyze why people favor bookmakers' odds rather than their personal instinct. So we took a look at what bookmakers predict about Sunday's Super Match between Chelsea and Arsenal. We have classified our findings on the basis of commonly asked questions.

Who will win the match?

You can find out whom the bookies favour by taking a look at the odds provided for various score-lines. Our findings are as below:

The lowest odds - indicating the most probable result -- are provided on a 1-1 draw. The subsequent lowest odds are on a 1- victory to Chelsea. Following these in order to increasing odds (decreasing probability) are a score of 2-1 in Chelsea's favour, 2- in Chelsea's favour, a goalless draw, 1- in Arsenal's favour, 3-1 in Chelsea's favour, a 2-2 draw, 2-1 in Arsenal's favour, and a 3- score in Chelsea's favour.

This is poor news if you are an Arsenal fan. According to bookies, the most probable result is a 1-1 draw, followed by a 1- win to Chelsea. You could hope to earn more if you placed a bet on a 3- result for Chelsea, and this actually transpired.

I can imagine Arsenal fans praying for an upset - what a contrast from a week ago when they had been probably praying for an Arsenal win, in keeping with bookies' predictions.

Who will score the first goal?

Our research reveals that Didier Drogba is the universal favourite to score the initial goal. Once more, there's not a lot cheer for Arsenal fans. Drogba is followed on the list of favourites by Malouda, Anelka and Lampard, all Chelsea players.

In fact, a goalless draw - in which, by implication, there are no goal scorers -- is a more favoured outcome than a initial objective by Chamakh, Arsenal's most favoured striker, amongst bookmakers. What's much more, if bookmakers are to believed Chelsea's David Sturridge is much more likely to score than Chamakh.