Balanced Flue Gas Fire - Simple Explanation About This Fireplace Type

Majority of people, who are not fans of room heaters, prefer sitting amidst the naturally produced heat from a home fireplace. They first check for the available options for installing fireplaces. They are flexible to install, efficient and also safe to use. If you are also looking for such available options in fireplaces, then flue gas fires is the best option.


What makes Fireplaces with Flue Gas Fires the Best?


There are many factors that can make you choose the fireplaces with balanced flue fires. The benefits of installing a decorative fireplace in your home, cabin, villa, bungalow, etc. are listed below.


  • In this type of fireplace, you can install the shaft to guide the smoke that is produced from this fireplace in any direction. For instance, if your option is to install it outside the wall, then all you have to do is incline it to the right angle, with 1m flue on the top.
  • If you already have a fireplace with chimney, then the fireplace producing balanced fires can be easily flued with this already existing chimney, without spending much for alteration works.
  • Studies have shown that the fireplace that is flued has the efficiency of producing 80% more heat than the regular fireplaces.


Balanced Flue Gas Fires


This type of balanced flue fires will be designed with glass walls, so as to make it easily adjustable with the wall type. This factor also makes it the best fireplace that can be easily sealed into the walls, without causing any protrusions in the wall line. The heating efficiency of the fire will increase the temperature of the room and hence, reduces the chances of fluctuations that are caused by the entry of cool breeze into the environment.