Grips Play A Critical Role In The Moviemaking Industry

Grips perform perhaps the most critical task in the movie making industry. The task involves working with the camera and lighting to ensure that the appropriate equipment is in the right position for a shot. If the camera is set up on a crane or dolly, it’s your work as the grip to move the dolly or crane every other time to the right spot for the shot. You’re also charged with the responsibility of moving and positioning the light cameras for gaffers and the electrical crew to set up appropriate lighting for the shot. Other tasks within your docket include setting up rigging in cases where lights may need to reach over set walls, taking charge of side mounts, hood mounts, suction cup mounts and all other mounts required for attaching film equipment to the vehicle.


You need the right equipment


Definitely, all these tasks can’t be accomplished effectively without appropriate grip equipment. With the right set of equipment at your disposal, you’ll be able to fix everything quite fast and befittingly. Besides, you need a strong back; at one instance you’re moving that stand, marking that spot, pulling down that silk cover, getting ready that shinny board for the next shots, etc. Also, to be a good grip, you need a quick brain. You’ll be required to make sound judgments quite fast. For instance, what if after setting everything in place, the sun breaks through a cloud cover all of a sudden? In fact you need to prepare for any eventuality.