Improve Reception with Antenna Accessories

TV Antennas can provide a quality television signal without the high cost of cable installation. But to get the best reception, it's important to use the right accessories in the right places.

Coax Cables: When it comes to coax cables, less is more. The further the signal has to travel to reach your television, the weaker the signal becomes. Reducing the length of coax cable and avoiding having coiled up, unused sections helps the signal stay strong.

The type of cable is equally important. Low quality or damaged coax cables will interfere with the reception and should be replaced immediately. Solid copper is much better than copper clad to provide a strong, clean signal. Proper coax cables have a long and enduring life span, so once properly installed, they do their job without any fuss or bother.

Preamplifiers: Since the signal loses strength as it travels from the antenna to the television, using a signal booster at the television set is pointless. Instead, use a quality preamplifier at the antenna itself. This increases the signal strength before it hits weak points, giving it better endurance and reception along the line. Preamplifiers are especially important if there is no way to avoid long cables or other issues that will reduce the signal strength.

Splitters: In a home with multiple television sets, splitters are frequently used to bring a signal to each tv. Splitters do exactly what the name implies: split the signal. Once split, each branch after the split is weaker and can effect reception.

If at all possible, avoid using too many splitters. However, it splitters are being used, make sure they are used effectively. Splitting one line into 6 connections just means each one is increasingly weaker than the original. This will have a huge impact on reception. However, splitting 3 lines into 6 connections means each line is only split once and will have better signal strength as well as stronger reception for your HD Antenna.

Balance is the key when it comes to preserving the signal being passed through splitters. If you must split your signal, make sure you use good coax cables and a preamplifier at the antenna to compensate for the splits.