Fitted Wardrobe Designs - How to Choose the Right Option

It goes without any doubt that wardrobes and furnishings enhance the appeal of bedrooms. Fitted wardrobes are highly recommended these days. There are various reasons why fitted wardrobes are preferred over the standing ones. They will not only increase the space of your bedroom, but also the value of your house. Click here to know more.


Hinge doors or sliding


While you buy cupboards online, you have to decide from the hinge door and sliding door wardrobes. Hinge doors will provide a more classic and traditional touch while the sliding could be a little creative. Aubergine glass is widely used for sliding doors.


Interior setup


It is a good idea to design compartment behind the doors. If you have a 2 door wardrobe, install 2 compartments. Similarly, 3 compartments will go with 3 door system. In this way, it would become convenient for you to access the clothes when you open a door. If you will buy cupboards online, the experts will provide you many other unique designs to choose from.


Most of the homeowners install at least one shelf at the top to store suit cases or heavy bags. 2-3 short rows of hanging are important to store some necessary items. Long hangings are suitable for the office suits or trousers, jeans etc. long ones are usually at the eye level. Shoes and handbags could be stored in the drawers beneath long hanging.


Before finalizing anything, you could explore the internet and go through all the popular wardrobe samples. Inspect each one of them and decide which one will work best for your home.