Custom Mouth guards - Look Good. Feel Good. Most Importantly, Stay Protected

Custom Mouth guards - Look Good. Feel Good. Most Importantly, Stay Protected

Many athletes while playing might be knocked down in the field and injure their teeth. According to the statistics, around 5 million teeth are knocked out every year in the field and unlike bones teeth do not heal on their own. It is very important to be safe during the play.


Many players often get worried about their looks on the field and demand to have a more personalised mouth guards like the rest of their apparel. This is where custom made mouth guards come into picture. In this article, we will list out some major reasons why custom-made mouth guards are important for every player and how you can make them personalised according to your choice. Click here to know more.


  • Individually designed -

Custom made mouth guards are individually designed according to the mouth structure of the player, to give an exact fit. This means the custom made mouth guards stay in one place, they do not move, fall out or move from its original placement during the play.


  • Different from boil and bite mouth guards -

Custom made mouth guards are made to feel comfortable to the players while keeping their safety in mind. The custom mouth guards vary in thickness. They have proper thickness where necessary and less where comfort is more important.


  • Comfortable -

Custom mouth guards are very comfortable to wear and players will not get distracted during the game because of any problems with the mouth guards.


You can get personalised mouth guards with your team logo and player name on it.