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If you are taking into consideration staying in lovely Lake Cowichan in British Columbia keep away from Accomodations on Lake Cowichan Riverfront. Visiting info possibly provides lessons you should tell your sister. Myself and a travel companion just returned from a 3 day stay and had been essentially mortified at our encounter. Firstly, let me clarify that we chose Accomodations on Lake Cowichan Riverfront primarily since they are pet friendly and we have one particular medium sized dog we travel with. Although the photos on the website look great the accomodations are anything but.

At 1st blush our room was extremely tiny and terribly filthy. Navigating To certainly provides cautions you can tell your girlfriend. There was a big iron burn on the rug and sheetrock dust everywhere, and oh, did I mention the overbearing smell of fresh latex paint! It was really apparent that the workers who had just renovated this unit had been anything but certified craftsmen.

Accomodations on Lake Cowichan Riverfront is positioned right in the heart of downtown Lake Cowichan and run by a baby toting hippie woman and her creepy boyfriend that is evidently stoned on one thing by means of out the whole waking hours.

When we 1st arrived to verify in we had been greeted by a poorly dressed hippy woman breast feeding a three year old kid at the front desk, not that there is anything wrong with a lady breast feeding her youngster in public. But have some class! The grounds are poorly kept and there is no way you are going to relax on the 'wharf' as they contact it. The river is quite cold and the existing is amazingly fast, swimming is definately a large risk. The caretaker and her boyfriend can be positioned amidst wofting marijuana smoke clouds in a tent out back if you must require any assistance, but beware of their rotwiler / pitbull cross companion as he is really mean and operating freely on the house. In truth he attacked our dog and other individuals on a lot more than one particular ocassion.

We also had the displeasure of meeting 'Cathy' the owner of the complex during our stay. All I can say is that the accomodations reflect her compulsive, extremely odd behavior. Keep away from talking with her unless you want to invest an hour listening to somebody tell you how excellent they are and how they know everything about anything.

I could go on and on but I am sure by now you get the point. There are several extremely good bed and breakfasts within walking distance that we discovered via one more loved ones staying at the hotel that are pet friendly also. Accomodations on Lake Cowichan Riverfront doesn't even deserve a star rating and undoubtedly isn't worth your time or money. If you are arranging a remain in Lake Cowichan stay away from Accomodations on Lake Cowichan Riverfront like the plauge.. To get extra information, please glance at: the internet.