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Precisely what is Pictomoney? $Pictomoney is often a POWER PAYLINE, single file, no levels. It’s being a club. No recruiting, no selling, no meetings, no buying are required. It’s all optional. YOUR $PICTOMONEY part time HAS DENTAL VISION Plus more Pay $32.49 and immediately receive hundreds in Tax Deductions and the next week…a check or direct deposit! Your income grows from there. Also relish our recommendations with the website: Home Warranties, Personalized Gifts, Dental, Vision, Vitamins, Travel plus much more!

Our strategy is Our Monthly Newsletter sent by email or regular mail with a new monthly graphic no you don’t have to market it or post it. Each month they come in updates and knowledge along with a graphic that can be used on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, MySpace, and Google etc. if you need to.
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