Health Book English


During my experience as an Unani Medical Practitioner, in the field of sexual disorders, I have found many of the youths adopting wrong and unnatural means and ruining their lives in the process. This is primarily because of their ignorance about natural sexual behaviour. I have written this book according to the Unani point of view, for the physical and moral welfare of the younger generation. My intention is to give them proper guidance so that they should know the real facts about sex and be able to make their lives happy and healthy. I have used a very simple style in writing this booklet, so that a common man is able to understand it easily. Sometime it may prove very useful for you or your friends.

After 70 years of dedicated service to mankind, today Hashmi Dawakhana grew into a formidable health care centre in North India. We cure not only sexual disorders like impotency, infertility but also chronic ailments such as Diabetes, Arthritis, Piles etc. After years of ceaseless effort and research we come up with successful treatments for Weight loss, Beauty enhancement, Penis enlargement, Breast treatment etc.

Importance of Sex Knowledge

Male and female are incomplete without each other. Their lives become really meaningful only when they reach the stage of complete mental and physical harmony. Nature has created man and woman for each other and sex has got a vital role to bring them as close as possible. If the sexual life of married couple is fully satisfactory and blissful, only then they can remain mentally and physically healthy, otherwise a gap of unhappiness and frustration starts developing between them which is a curse of modern society. Ignorance of sexual behaviour can be a cause for this situation. These days it is our ambition to give best possible education to our children so that they achieve the highest goal in their lives. We tell them about every part of their bodies except the sexual organs. Why so? Simply because the society considers it bad? Perhaps they are not aware of the fact that children have natural curiosity about sex. When their queries regarding sex are not answered properly by parents, they revert to their equally ignorant friends, who try to satisfy their curiosity by wrong notions and distorted facts in the tender brains of the children. Therefore it is a moral duty of the parents to impart all necessary knowledge and information to their growing children about sex and its importance in life. This only can save them from wrong notions and disastrous results.


When a boy crosses the childhood and enters into youth, he gets lots of imaginary ideas. This is the most delicate period of his life. Every part of his body blooms. At this age if he controls himself and his passion, he florishes like a flower and his personality shines. He tries to climb higher and higher and he is successful in his life. But I feel sorry to note that many of the youth adopt wrong ways. It may be due to bad company they are keeping or for want of necessary sexual knowledge. Then indulge in some unnatural means to satisfy their sexual urge and ruin the lives. At that time they are not aware of the fact of life but they realise their mistakes when they get married as they unable to perform well in sexual act and unable to satisfy their wives. They repent for what they did in the past, because they cannot fully enjoy the charm of happy married life. They felt a condition of dried up semen, which is the most valuable treasure of life and was wasted by them just for nothing.