What is the best retail steam cleaner to buy?

Rug Doctor (that you rent from the store) has an at home model now available for purchase. They are expensive around 700 plus or more.

So if you don't want to rent, the best Retail I prefer is the Bissel over the Hoover because it really has a good heat element and good scrubbing heads and doesn't clog up from dog hair like the Hoover. I've had both.

Neither one will suction as strong as the Rug Doctor so you might want to go buy a wet dry vac from Home Depot as well.

Might I suggest cleaning or rinsing with water and vinegar. Not only is it good for the environment BUT VINEGAR will REMOVE the urine smell. Most cleaner shampoo's leave a trace scent and your dog and cat both can smell it and will repeat their urination habits. Vinegar knocks that out!

Note about Walmart price match.... Walmart carries the same Bissell as Best Buy but they make Bissell package in a different box with a different number and this means, they wont price match.

When I was shopping, they looked Identical so I called Bissell to ask what the difference was in the two models. Bissell explained that it was for Walmart's inventory purpose but that they were the exact same machine. All items get a UPC number... (universal product code). The machine at Walmart and Best Buy were the same UPC. Same machine. Just a different box per Walmart's instructions.

So I asked Walmart to price match. They said no. Their reason.... is because Walmart claimed it was not the same thing by showing the numbers on the box are different.

Best Buy was $148 and Walmart was $168 so I purchased from Best Buy.