SCURO-CHIARO.COM is the official portfolio homepage of the world-class photographer Scuro Chiaro

Scuro Chiaro is an international portrait and wedding photographer. Because of his unique artistic style he travels around the world attending the most finest venues. Be it Beverly Hills or Notting Hill, the rich and the beautiful seem to never get enough of him.
No wonder, his timeless artistic portraits truly stand out from the masses of the stereotypical contemporary wedding and event photography. No flash light, no posing, but instead beautifully captured authentic laughs in that timeless black and white look, that is what Scuro Chiaro is known for.

On his online portfolio I found a view interesting things:

Because of his all time classic black and white look and because of his huge collection of antique lenses, and because of his love for hats, i must admit that I always thought he would tend to live in the past. But I was wrong.

Did you know that he offers among other things not only drone photography, but also world exclusively a 3d photo booth? Well, I didn’t.

Another interesting idea his team had is to offer a after a year to exhibit the wedding photos for a day at a local art gallery. What a sweet idea to have a perfect reason for all wedding guests to come together to see the photos and open a bottle of champagne.
I must say: I really love this guy! What would the world of photography be nowadays without this Scuro Chiaro?scuro chiaro