Everything You Should Know About Martial Arts Is In The Ultimate Martial Arts Library

For any person who thinks he could be interested in learning martial arts a good way to start is with The Ultimate Martial Arts Library. It's the best collection of martial arts knowledge ever put together. During the 1970s, a respected and well-decorated martial artist called Dr. Ted Gambordella printed his first martial arts book. In all he had 14 different titles printed, which made him among the all time best sellers in martial arts.

Bojuka: A Useful Self-Defense System Most of his publications are no longer in print but there are three still available. Those 10 or so out-of-print books are actually available on CD-ROM. Also, he produced two videos that shows the secrets of martial arts. Dr. Ted Gambordella goes on to write with a total of 32 books. He added the videos, the additional books, along with 10 more books, which are from the public domain, all to the CD. That makes this collection, more than 6 hours of videos and 42 complete books. If you are a novice to martial arts, and just learning, or an experienced martial artist, this collection has information that is amazing.

One of the books found in this collection, is "The 101 Deadliest Karate Moves," which is a practical text for virtually any student or teacher, who is seriously into martial arts. The methods taught in this book is to be used in dangerous situations and not for competition. But there is more in this package than just learning fatal blows and kicks. In the book "Seven Days To Self Defense," it teaches a person how to protect themselves when caught off guard in an assault. It is intended for women to enable them to protect themselves from getting raped. You are going to learn the basic techniques of self-defense in seven easy to understand lessons. By doing one lesson every day for a week, you will have the knowledge and basic skills to defend yourself from harm.

"The Secrets of KI, the end of injury" is one more of the books, but this one is on how to prevent athletic injuries. Pro athletes are getting seriously injured every year, by falling down or getting hit in the ribs or mid-section. This book will reveal strategies that will help you avoid injuries if you practice the techniques. Your mind will end up stronger, your skills will sharpen and your ability to focus will significantly improve.

You will find in excess of 4,000 pages in the Ultimate Martial Arts Library by the Grand Master Dr Ted Gambordella. You'll get more than six hours of videos, no less than 5000 images and 42 books on martial arts for just $30. If you would like to learn martial arts, this is where you need to begin.