Do you ever really ‘get over’ someone?

Going through a break up can be extremely painful. Dr. Phil (well known TV personality and psychologist) compares a break-up to that of a death stating that one needs to allow themselves to grieve in order to move on.

Many feel like they will never be able to love again after the ending of a relationship while numerous friends and family members turn to comforting them with words such as youll get over him or there are plenty of fish in the sea. Youll forget all about her soon enough.

The question is, is it possible to ever completely get over someone?

There are:

Flings where you may be with one person for a few weeks (or even days) before moving on to the nextThe friends with benefits relationship where you may not be officially dating or at all monogamous (sometimes a deeper connection is formed then with a fling due to many reasons)The long distance relationship where you may not see each other often but still be involvedThe serious relationship where you're dating for a few months but are monogamousThe long term relationship where youre together for a long period of time

The first few relationship types (flings, friends with benefits and the long distance relationship) may be easier to move past in comparison to the last couple of relationship types (the serious relationship and the long term relationship).

The main focus here will be on the last couple of relationship types with regards to whether or not you can actually get over someone.

The term getting over someone as a notion is debatable

The above term is often used interchangeably with forgetting about a particular person but is this at all possible?

The truth is that after a valuable relationship has ended your feelings for that person dont just go away.

You found something attractive in that person when you started dating; whether it was their cute smile, their sense of humor or their personality. These thoughts and emotions dont just disappear and youre always going to feel this way.

If you dont see the person ever again (depending on how long you were together and how much time you spent together) there are still going to be a lot of things that might remind you of, and cause you to think about him/her.