Making Your Backlinks Rely I

But do we realize that there are numerous things we have to examine before agreeing to exchanging links with still another web site? All things considered, the whole point of exchanging links...

I do believe that we all know now how essential backlinks are for the search engine ranking success of our website. I also think that we all know now that one way to get these backlinks is by doing link exchanges with other sites. (For the uninitiated, backlinks are links o-n other web sites that point to ours.)

But do we know that there are many things we need to examine before agreeing to exchanging links with still another internet site? All things considered, the entire point of exchanging links with others will be to take advantage of the rating of their web websites. It is consequently imperative that we examine ahead of time as to whether exchanging links with another site is to our advantage or-not.

I have considered this whole concept of link exchange preparation and came up with a 3-step process that requires an analysis of 3 pages of the web page we want to exchange links with. The 3 pages are:

- where we will need to always check 7 reasons for having that page your home page,

- the directory page: this is the site that contains a listing of types that the website has come up with in a bid to organize its link exchanges. We have to check 7 things here,

- the backlink page: this is actually the page which will contain our backlink. We also need to examine 7 things here.

Note that in some cases, the 'target' web site won't have a directory site. If that's the case, our investigation would have been a one in place of a 3-step one.

Within this first article, of may be 2 or 3, we should have a look at the 7 things (organized in 2 groups) we must check about the webpage of the target site.