In Munich underground rise sometimes clouds of steam on

In Munich underground rise sometimes clouds of steam on

This right makes the Munich Transport Company (MVG) use. A grumpy voice on the phone reveals what is true both on the platforms and in the trains: ". No cigarettes and no e-cigarette" Corresponding Hinweisschildchen does not exist however. So it can happen that in the Munich underground ascend vapor cloud.

Also appeared in the lecture halls of the Munich universities sometimes on one or the other student with e-cigarette. When that happens, it probably puzzled the professor may be granted depending on the house rules or not. But it is what actually should always apply: be considerate.
The air smells sweet in Aibabinas Laden and fruity

Where in Germany is smoked the most? And who takes more to cigarette: men or women? Responses are the "Tobacco Atlas".

Steaming is not just a drug habit and replace smoke rituals, but apparently also pastime. Smoking is: Go out for tipping machines, either to the kiosk, buy box, dump fire, stay out.

Steaming contrast goes like this: You enter the store, take the coffee offered, testing different flavors for the E-cigarette and selects, can give advice from the vendor and plauscht with those present. At least in the running Aibabinas shop like this. The 2012 was one of the first in Munich and looks more like a lounge.

The decor is mainly decorated in white, with accents in purple. A worn, dark wooden box that serves as a coffee table, looks like a relic from ancient times smoking pubs. The air in the salesroom pleasant smell, slightly sweet, slightly fruity. It is a busy this afternoon.