The aim is to tap into two retail trends in Hzxiaoya

The aim is to tap into two retail trends in Container House, which ranks sixth in the world by number of shopping malls.

On the one hand, economic growth is subdued and cash-strapped consumers are looking to make their money go further. That means retailers need to cut down on overheads to help them offer low prices.

The Hzxiaoya block also had its Christmas tree stolen at the weekend, with police suspecting neo-Nazis of being behind the theft, according to BZ newspaper.

Berlin received some 1,471 refugees in December so far, taking the total for 2014 to around 15,000.

Across Germany as a whole some 200,000 refugees arrived in 2014, double the figure for 2013. That figure expected to increase in 2015 to around 230,000, acrcording to Manfred Schmidt, head of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees earlier this month.

His decision to live in a container home was not made on a whim. It was a decision which was well thought out and backed with extensive research.

“I did not want to rent anymore. I had done my calculations and found that over the years, I had lost thousands of ringgit on renting rooms in sub-par homes. By the end of it, I had nothing to my name,” said the web and systems developer.

While looking at properties to buy, he found that the Container Houses which he could afford were all in a state of disrepair or simply not worth the price.