online pcb manufacturer Steps to use mortal battery of a Laptop

Steps to use mortal battery of a Laptop Battery provides portability to laptop with its unique feature of rechargeability, but anyhow due to successive and improper usage it leads to mortal stage in short span of time. The reason behind is that over the time, battery cells capacity get diminished, the increase in internal resistance reduces the cell's ability to deliver current. Every lithium ion battery has its fixed life duration but due to improper usage it comes to a downfall. Now the question arise "how to use a mortal battery of a laptop?" do you have any idea, if not carry on reading this article you will get your solution.
Li-Ion cell has a tree layer structure. A positive electrode plate (made with Lithium Cobalt oxide - cathode), a negative electrode plate (made with specialty carbon - anode) and a separator layer. It consist of a safety circuit having four main sections namely the controller IC, the control switches, the temperature fuse and the thermistor, which gives it unique features. Till this point it has been cleared that charging a Li-Ion pack can't be done with simple charge methods used in other type of batteries. So never charge a Li-Ion cell if you are not completely sure what you do.
Now, here come the steps to safely reconstruct the battery of a laptop which are as follows,
*Disconnect the battery from your laptop.
*Disassemble the battery apart with the help of flattened sharp head screw driver.
*Now you will see the battery controller having 6-8 cells connected to a PCB circuit board. Carefully examine and note down each of the connections and wires.
*Ensure that cells are fully discharged by using a multimeter.
*Carefully separate each cells from the wires using a soldering iron.
*Remove the plastic protective coating on the top, to use it for new cells.
*Pen down each and every connection of cells and the order in which they are connected to the circuit board.
*Take new cells and apply plastic protective coating on their top, as taken from older ones.
*Then connect the new cells in exactly the same way, you have noted on your copy.
*The connections are done with the help of soldering iron.
*Assemble the circuit into the battery case.
*Use a multimeter to check for short circuits, you will see 40-50% charge in them.
*Apply some glue around the plastic case and press it using clamp to fix it.
*Place the battery case into the laptop and watch the battery indicator into the laptop.
*If everything is ok, you will see the charging indication of battery.
*Fully charge the battery for around 2-3 hours and enjoy using it.
Friends these are the steps by which you can give life to your mortal laptop's battery. If you face any sort of problem and need technical support, you can call me on my toll free number 1-855-352-1816. You can also visit website, it provides online technical support, windows maintenance tools, software's, protection tools and so on.

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